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In most situations, video surveillance and bullet-proof employee windows are not enough to protect your bank franchise. Having an armed bank guard helps you manage all suspicious activities inside the bank and outside the premises, like in a parking lot. To stop a robbery, aggressive customer and all kinds of emergencies, especially if you are doing business in a location with a high crime rate, you must hire professional bank guards.

American Security Solution bank guards offer top-tier bank security services in Orange County. Our unarmed and armed bank guards have vast experience and know how to protect your building and offices to stop any criminal or any other activity that can cause trouble. Until the police arrive, ASS is your first line of defense.

Our bank guard services include but are not limited to the following 24×7 facility watch, armed/unarmed security guards, after-hour patrolling, parking lot security, bank teller, access control, visitors check-ins and outs, loss prevention, parking lot security and traffic control in-front of a bank, guard ATMs, emergency response, and daily reports. Call us today and protect financial assets, information and employees!

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Why Choose ASS Bank Security Services:

24 Years of Experience

Licensed Bank Guards
in Orange County

Bank Security is a vital part of operating a bank franchise or singular branch. You’re a target for criminals and other troublemakers looking to get rich fast, and having security cameras and other passive measures aren’t enough to dissuade criminals. With security on-site, though, you can have some of the best prevention. You can have bank guards monitoring your financial institution, watching for suspicious activity, and ready to jump in should the need arise. If there is a security breach or a dangerous individual, you can have a decisive and immediate response. When an emergency strikes, you might not be able to wait for police or other emergency services to arrive. Bank security guard enables you to respond and possibly diffuse the danger before the emergency services even make it to the door.

There are other intangible benefits to having on-site bank security guards, such as improved employee morale. Having a security guard shows your employees that you care about their wellbeing and safety. It also shows your customers that they can be safe while doing business with you. Nobody is going to do business with a bank if it feels unsafe being in. A bank security guard can help alleviate some of that concern.


Top Trusted Bank Guard In SoCal

If you own a bank franchise or singular branch and would like to hire professional bank security services for a southern California area, we are the right choice for you. Mission International Security knows how to protect your financial institution. Let our bank security experts come and conduct an on-site survey analysis at no charge.


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Whether you need a high-end luxury guard or a security guard in tactical dress, our team of professionals can craft a plan and send the appropriate guard to cover your unique situation.

State Licensed

Full state-licensed professional security guards for hire.

Latest Equipment

Latest security equipment utilized to ensure quality services.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are highly competitive and fit the market appropriately

Insured & Bonded

Insurance policy includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.

Trained Security

Fully trained guards that meet standards set by the BSIS.

Supervisor Onsite

Security Supervisors on the field 24/7, performing site inspections.

Customized Solutions

We provide a customized security plan based on your requirements.

24/7 Availability

Our security guard service is available around the clock.

Private Security Company
Los Angeles

The danger comes without warning and can result in a robbery, assault, or kidnap. Have peace of mind in uncertain times.

Accounting Services

From uniform and undercover officers to suit & tie guards – we provide security guard services tailored to your needs. MIS of Los Angeles provides security guards for parking lots, construction sites, trade shows, office buildings, concerts, hotels, religious facilities, schools, houses, malls, warehouses, product launches, after parties, and other small and large venues across Los Angeles County.

Value Added Tax

We live in anything but a perfect world. The danger comes without warning and can result in a robbery, assault, kidnap, or worse. Here at Mission Internationa, we are committed to providing top-notch security (armed and unarmed) for persons, homes, businesses, and families. Contact us today and get the protection you need and when you need it most.

Audit & assurance

There is no room for error. You need to hire a professional security company. With our knowledge, experience, and security solutions, you are guaranteed a smooth-running event. Our security services prove to be a mixture of specialized strategies and lifestyle-specific options. We want each one of our clients to receive exactly what they need.

Tax Consultancy

We built our company operations to meet the highest demands of the always-on security industry, seamlessly extending the capabilities of in-house security programs with safety personnel and protocols that keep people, property, and brand safe.

Stated Licensed

Our Security Guards are professionally trained with State authorized firearms and essential training

Insured & Bonded

We carry an insurance policy that pays per occurrence in which it includes property damage, bodily injury, etc.

24/7 Availability

Our highly-trained security guards are available around the clock to protect you and your properties.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are competitive and fit the market appropriately so that you can get the value you deserve.
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Southern California

Wheather you own a company and would like corporate security services for a southern california business or if you are a celebrity that wants a professional bodyguard protect your well-being, we will make that happen. We are in the business of providing security for people from a variety of backgrounds and businesses that cover a number of industries.


Why Do You Need Security Services Los Angeles?

There are quite a few benefits that are provided to our customers who decide to get security guards for the protection of their business, property, or residents. These are a few of the benefits of hiring a security guard service in Los Angeles.

Superior Training Better Deterrent Better Equipped Peace of
Employee Safety Fast Response
This means they're more ready to solve the various problems that they'll face on the job, and that they're more capable of implementing the training that all guards receive.
Criminals will see the guards and not even make an effort most of the time. Instead, they'll just move on. Without being armed there's a chance the deterrent of a guard isn't enough.
Armed guards have a weapon that can be an excellent problem solver if a situation starts to spiral to the point where violence becomes necessary.


You no longer have to worry about what might happen at your business. You’ll know that any threat is being addressed actively and thoroughly.
People should feel safe while doing their jobs and security guards are a great way to help cultivate a safe environment.
When an emergency strikes security guards on-site are the best way to ensure an immediate response to an emergency.

Security Guards Los Angeles You Can Rely On

One of our security strategists can talk to you and help you decide what’s security service is best for your business or property. We offer many services that cover a variety of security needs. We can work with you to make sure you get the best value on the market.

Armed Security

Licensed, trained, experienced, and reliable 24/7 armed security guard available for

Security Guard

Unarmed Security

Licensed, trained, experienced, and reliable 24/7 unarmed security guard available for hire.

Mobile Security

Licensed, trained, experienced, and reliable 24/7 unarmed security guard available for hire.

These guys are really the best. I feel safe and my mind is at peace with them patrolling my site. Thank you, Mike and the team.

Corporate Security

Lesly Grimson, Los Angeles
My business partner actually hired these guys and I was not sure at first but right now, 2 years later I’m glad they are here to keep us safe.

Corporate Security

Nathan Bilesman, Los Angeles
My business partner actually hired these guys and I was not sure at first but right now, 2 years later I’m glad they are here to keep us safe.

Corporate Security

Nathan Bilesman, Los Angeles


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